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In this age of the Internet where everything is rushing a little too fast, more and more is required of us, and the future never ceases to overwhelm- stress is something we do not part with even for a moment. That's why the psycho-educational workshop With a Head ... Without Stress will be held on June 20 at 9/11 Wood Market. We will be visited by three wonderful guests: Anna Osuch, Krzysztof Machnik and Joanna Skrent, each of them with a wealth of life experience ready to share their experiences. Sharing knowledge, joint discussion involving participants in a casual format, and tools that we hope will stay with each participant - this is something we have on target, and that's not all we have planned.

For those interested who didn't manage to catch the free seats- look out for future editions!

Organizing Committee and Student Government

side of the invited guests:

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