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The Digital Painting and Concept Art Study Circle brings together PJATK students interested in the field of digital painting. It allows for the exchange of knowledge and curiosities in the field of creating illustrations and concepts for games, films or books. It also provides an opportunity to receive support, constructive criticism and motivation in creating one's portfolio in this field.

Facebook group:


Instagram: @digital.concept.pjatk


  • Chairman of the Circle - Natalia Kalinowska(
  • Supervisor of the Circle - Marta Marszałek, M.A.

The Graphic Design Circle brings together people interested in this field and in developing their skills. We focus on an out-of-the-box approach to the projects we do, thanks to the opportunities provided by discussing our work and brainstorming. We welcome those who are interested all year round.

Our discord:


  • Chairman of the Circle - Paulina Andraszak(
  • Circle Supervisor - Konrad Roche, M.A.

CREATION - GRAPHIC DESIGN AND TYPOGRAPHY Study Circle brings together PJATK students interested in the field of digital design, sign design, layout, books and magazines. It allows for the exchange of experience and knowledge in the creation of graphic signs, vignettes, magazines and books. Learning about the creative process culminating in a final graphic design project for a graphic designer's own portfolio. We discuss, support, advise and create the world of contemporary graphic design. We invite those willing to participate all year round.

Circle channel on MS Teams: go to MS Teams


NINJA PJATK is an academic e-sports team of students competing at the semi-professional level in e-sports titles. In our ranks, in addition to the most talented players, you can find a wide range of e-sports enthusiasts.



The CodeJavengers Learning Circle brings together students interested in developing skills in programming, designing, testing and developing applications and system solutions in the context of the broader field of Back-End computing.
Our main focus is on Java, but we are not limited to it, also exploring other technologies and tools related to Back-End.


  • Chairman of the Circle - Nikolai Gurgul (
  • Supervisor of the Circle - Eng. Arkadiusz Stankiewicz

CannonCode is a computer science circle that aims to expand the possibilities of computer science by young students full of ideas. Our mission is to use technology to solve everyday problems and to teach computer science to students in an interesting and practical way. We believe that it is young people who have the greatest potential to innovate. At CannonCode, we create a space where creativity and innovation take center stage.



Odyssey of the Minds

  • Are you a creative person?
  • Do you find yourself working in a team?
  • Do you like a hint of competition?

If so, welcome to our Odyssey of the Mind team!

Odyssey of the Mind is an international creative problem-solving competition. Participants develop logical thinking, creativity and teamwork skills by measuring themselves against various, often very abstract, problems.

If you are interested in joining "Odyssey of the Mind" contact:

Read about the successes of our team:

Teams from PJATK Gdańsk in the world finals of Odyssey of the Mind!

Every year, our team scores a podium finish in the national finals, which gives it a pass to compete at the global level. In 2018, our Odysseurs won a bronze medal at the competition in the United States.

Do you want to actively participate in the life of the University?

Contact the Promotion Department and we will help you find something for you!