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Information for new students - winter semester

Welcome to the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology!


Classes for the first year (first semester) begin:

  • For full-time undergraduate studies - information coming soon
  • On part-time studies of the first degree - information coming soon

Student account and schedule

To log into your student account, go to "Web Dziekanat".

After logging in(the login and password were sent in a separate email a few days after signing the contract), you can, among other things, check your data, see the balance on payments, assignment to a practice group, etc.

You can change your account password using password

Each student on his account has the opportunity to enter an additional "phone password", which will be necessary to obtain telephone information about the course of study.

The schedule may be modified at the beginning of the semester.

First card

ID card prepared without any request from the student. Each new student receives an e-mail at the beginning of the first semester with information on when and where he or she can pick up the ID card. Payment for the ID card should be made to the individual account after signing the contract with the university.

Assignment to language groups

Students in order to qualify for the appropriate language group (due to the level of proficiency of the foreign language) are required to take a short diagnostic test.

Your student email will be sent to you with information about the time of the test and training.

English tests will be conducted by MS Teams, access codes for the test will be sent by the dean's office to student email inboxes.

We ask you to take the test independently and prudently, as the result will be the basis for the decision to assign you to a group with the appropriate level of proficiency.

If you have any questions, please contact the Study of Foreign Languages in Gdansk:

Academic Culture

We encourage you to take a look at the Academic Culture guide, which has been developed for the needs of those beginning their studies.

Answers to frequently asked questions

What is PJATK mail and how to use it?

Using your login, you can use the university's e-mail service

Important announcements, information about changes or events at the university are sent to your student email address: Please remember to check your student mail regularly.

How to apply?

Please be advised that all student applications should be submitted through the electronic student application system:

Where to check the schedule?

The schedule is available at:

Note: the schedule is subject to significant modifications during the period of the beginning of the semester. Please verify its form just before the first classes.

Where and when can I pick up my student ID card?

The first ID card is prepared without any request from the student. Each new student receives an e-mail at the beginning of the first semester with information on when and where he or she can pick up the ID card.

Can I receive invoices for my studies?

Invoicing rules will be published soon.

In order to obtain the certificate of fees necessary for obtaining a residence card (for foreigners), please contact us in advance by email at

Where can I find important documents?

Study regulations, regulations for granting material aid, the university's statutes and other important documents can be found at: PJATK Public Information Bulletin.

What is a System and Equipment Base?

BSS PJATK will help you with any IT problems. Information about the services available at the University (Wi-Fi, mail, software) and instructions for them can be found on the website of BSS in Gdansk

Does PJATK have its own dormitories?

The Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology does not have its own dormitories; however, students can use the services of dormitories run by other universities or private entities (as space allows). Students settle all formalities and payments directly with the dormitories.For more information about the dormitories, visit: Dorms offer.

Get in touch with us!

Contact the Dean's Office and Recruitment to get answers to all your questions.