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At the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Gdańsk, with each new academic year, students from other universities are admitted.

The process of transferring from one university to another, called transfer, is becoming increasingly popular among students who are looking for new educational opportunities and development. The transfer of studies to PJAIT Gdańsk is simple and fast. All you need to do is submit the appropriate documents, meeting certain criteria, to start a new adventure at our university.

Therefore, if you dream of new challenges and developing in a new field of study, consider moving to PJAIT Gdańsk. This is a place where your dreams of education and professional success can come true!

In order to transfer grades, you should:

·       Deliver to the address of the Dean's Office and Admissions ( a transcript of grades certified by the previous university along with the dates of obtaining them for the initial decision. In some cases, it may also be necessary to send syllabi for individual subjects.

·       In addition, the candidate is required to create an account on the recruitment portal and provide the rest of the documents necessary for the recruitment process for a specific field of study.

·       In the case of Graphic Design, it is necessary to pass an interview (presentation of a portfolio of works)

According to the Rector's order, subjects that were completed more than five years ago are not transferred. Only "full credits of courses" are transferred, i.e. if a student has only completed the exercises and has not passed the exam that is obligatory at PJAIT Gdańsk, he or she must pass the exercises at PJAIT Gdańsk again and pass the exam.

The deadline for the transfer (after providing a full set of documents) is up to three weeks.

After submitting a set of documents, an official decision is made by the Dean of a given faculty and the signing of a contract for studies.

We invite you to contact our Gdańsk Dean's Office and Recruitment!

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