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The 4th edition of the Pomeranian Hackathon for High School Students Young Smart is ahead of us! This is the first such initiative giving high school students a chance to participate in a programming marathon, with substantive support from experts in various areas: from education to the IT sector.

What can be created?
- applications;
- computer games;
- games for mobile devices;
- websites.

Students will work in teams of several people from Friday to Saturday. During this time, they will enjoy the support of mentors - experts in various fields. On Saturday they will present the results of their work in front of an audience and a panel of judges.

Once again, the Hackathon will be held STATIONALLY on the premises of the 17th High School in Gdynia!

Registration deadline: 04.03. - 27.03.2024.
Please note that only a teacher can register a team. Due to the limited number of places, participation is determined on a first-come, first-served basis!

Details and rules on the event website:

Support and training: Microsoft, Intel, Gdynia Teacher Training Center.
Hackathon has received Honorary Patronage of the Marshal of Pomorskie Voivodeship, Pomeranian Superintendent of Education and the Mayor of Gdynia.

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