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The inauguration of the second edition of the WP Programming Academy took place on March 7. This time, specialists from Wirtualna Polska - a flagship partner of the Polish-Japanese Academy of Computer Technology - will train a group of 16 students from the Gdansk branch of our university in the GO programming language and share with them their experience in business and team management.

Present at the ceremony were the authorities of the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw and the authorities of the PJATK branch in Gdansk.

For their commitment to the project, we would like to thank the management and employees of WP: Agnieszka Bierawska, HR Director, Pawel Milewski, VP Post and 1Login from WP, Pawel Krupinski, Deputy CTO, and Iwona Stutzka, Dominika Matusiak, Karolina Belof - from WP's HR, without whom the implementation and organization of the second edition of the Programming Academy would not have been possible, as well as the lecturers: Andrzej Butkiewicz, Dariusz Puszczewicz, Michał Wieluński, Tomasz Potędza, Karolina Grzechnik, Krzysztof Aftański, Anna Mazur, Aleksandra Kankowska, Karol Peek, Piotr Czarnecki and Antoni Cieślak, who will be imparting knowledge and practical skills to our students over the next weeks.

On the part of PJATK in Warsaw, the undertaking is supported by: Chancellor Maciej Rembarz, Head of the Center for Postgraduate Education Marta Godzisz and Head of the Promotion Department Marta Myszewska

We congratulate the PJATK branch in Gdansk on the excellent opening of the courses, and especially those responsible for the organization, Monika Ostojska-Zurek and Martyna Rajchert, as well as the Promotion Department from PJATK in Warsaw.

We keep our fingers crossed for the students and look forward to the results of the class! 

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