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Candidates for studies at the Faculty of New Media Art in Gdansk are invited to participate in a course to prepare for the Graphic Design major. The course program is oriented towards refining one's technique, learning about graphic design tools and digital painting on a tablet, and creating works for a portfolio, which candidates present during an interview.

Dates: 8-12.07.2024
Hours: 10:00-15:00
Address: 55 Brzegi St., Gdansk
Promotional price 550 PLN - valid for enrollment up to and including 3.07.2024 (date and time of submitting the form decides)
Regular price 650 PLN - valid for enrollment made after 3.07.2024

After signing up through the form , you should wait for an email with your individual account number for payment. The email should arrive on the same or next business day after completing the form.

The number of places is limited!

Topics covered in the course include drawing exercises, graphic design, and operation of programs from the Adobe suite. An important part of the course is also a discussion of a portfolio of work and assignments for a recruitment interview.

Tablets and software for Adobe suite classes are provided by the university. The following materials for drawing and painting classes must be provided by the students themselves:
For the first class:
- sketchbook (preferably A4, can be A5);
- pencils 2H,HB,2B,4B,6B;
- eraser;
- paper 50x70cm.
For other classes:
- bookbinding cardboard/board for painting classes 50x70cm - 1 sheet, maximum 2;
- A3 size block (painting or technical)
- tempera or acrylic paints, any number of colors (but minimum 4 colors of different brightness) + white paint;
- 1 brush 5cm thick + any number of smaller brushes of different thickness (minimum 4);
- painter's tape or card clips. 

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