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A week ago, our students visited the Gdansk branch of Wirtualna Polska to improve their skills in working in a team of programmers. We would like to thank the trainers from WP, who conducted an exciting workshop on SCRUM! The students had to measure themselves against difficult-to-implement customer requests, and their opponent was the running out of time. On top of that, like thunderbolts from a clear sky, random events fell hindering the teams' work. Despite these obstacles, both teams completed their projects.

Academy of Programming was created thanks to the cooperation between Wirtualna Polska and the Polish-Japanese Academy of Computer Science. The course was created specifically for our students, and is taught by the professional IT team of WP - PJATK's flagship partner.

As part of the WP Programming Academy, students learn programming in the #GO language, as well as project management and team communication, among other skills desired in today's job market.

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