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We invite you to a meeting at the Olive City Hall of Culture around the book "Splendor and Asceticism. A guide to the traditional architecture of Japan" by Dr. Joanna Zakrzewska. The talk will be illustrated with a slide show from Japan.

Joanna Zakrzewska's latest, richly illustrated publication "Splendor and Asceticism. A Guide to the Traditional Architecture of Japan" is a pretext to talk about Japan, to share a fascination with the country, to take a journey to familiar and not-so-familiar places, to talk about culture and Japanese spirituality in the context of architectural objects filled with kami deities and buddhas.

Date: 15.03.2024

Time: 18:00

Address: Olive City Hall of Culture, 25 Opata Jacka Rybińskiego St.

Admission is free.

Dr. Joanna Zakrzewska - Japanese (UMK in Toruń), calligrapher and illuminator, Lecturer at PJATK Gdansk , Vice-Dean for Student Affairs at the Faculty of New Media Art in Gdansk, member of the Faculty Council. She received her PhD from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk at the Faculty of Graphic Arts. Academically, she is interested in the aesthetics of Japanese art, especially calligraphy and ink painting. She holds the VII dan of calligraphy of the Japanese Seifū School. She is also a graduate of the Cracow School of Calligraphy, Illumination and Related Fields. She conducts workshops and demonstrations of Latin and Japanese calligraphy and illumination. She is active in the academic field (monograph "Sakuteiki - Notes on the Establishment of Gardens", "Over-thinking Beauty. Aesthetics of Japanese calligraphy", numerous scientific publications, lectures conferences) as well as artistic (individual and collective exhibitions and workshops).

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